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5 Benefits of Truck Wraps that You Need to Know

Owning company vehicles entails liabilities but there is one smart way you can maximize these assets and increase returns on your investment – advertising with truck wraps. They are popular among businesses in Atlanta today and will continue to be so in the years to come due to their multitude of advantages. Below are some of the top benefits of truck wrap advertising and why you should seriously consider it.         

Advantages of Fleet Wrap Advertising

Brand Recognition

Think about the number of times your trucks traverse the highway or the hours they spend on the road on any given day. A captivating truck wrap will let your vehicle stand out from traffic and attract the attention of other motorists on the road. They may not consciously absorb the information splashed across the sides of your vehicle immediately, but constant exposure to your truck graphics will reinforce your brand in your audience’s memories. There is no better way of letting locals know that your products and services are readily available to them.

Maximum Exposure

Billboard advertising is effective but why compromise on static billboards when you can drive your ad around and gain an almost limitless exposure at no recurring costs to you! Your message reaches a wider audience and goes wherever you drive your vehicle. If you have more than one truck, custom truck wraps will more than double your chance of generating more leads.

Cost-Effective Marketing

With billboard advertising, your ad space does not belong to you. The space you’re advertising on today can be used to advertise for your competitors tomorrow. The sides of your vehicles, on the other hand, are priceless pieces of real estate where you can advertise for free for several years down the road. All you need is to pay for the wraps once and you decide when to replace or remove them.

Tacit Advertising

TV ads and pop-ups can sometimes be annoying as they interrupt viewers and steal precious seconds from their viewing or reading pleasure. Fleet wraps, on the other hand, are non-belligerent and viewers get to choose whether they should pay attention or not. If you have a compelling graphic or message, people can’t help but turn to look.


Vehicle wraps are made of durable vinyl materials that offer an added layer of protection to your vehicle. They protect your vehicles from dents and scratches that may come as a result of accidental collision or flying debris.

The Best Fleet Wrap Provider in Georgia

For eye-catching design and irresistible messages, have your custom truck wraps designed and installed by professionals. At BlackFire Signs, our graphic experts can help you come up with unobtrusive images and copy that is easy on the eye; motorists will be pleased to stare at them in heavy traffic. We proudly serve businesses in Atlanta and neighboring areas and are known for the highest quality vinyl materials and UV ink we use in our wraps.

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Interior Signs

Upscale your brand presence with dimensional letter signage

Brick and mortar businesses can choose whether to use digital marketing and social media advertising, but they can never do without signs and graphics. Business signs have been around for ages and despite the enormous change in the way people advertise, they continue to be indispensable in the industry. In today’s highly competitive market environment, there is no better way to make your business stand out than having a well-placed dimensional letter signage.

Three-dimensional letters are a favorite among business owners due to their raised design. They literally pop out from the surface upon which they are mounted, making them highly effective in capturing people’s attention.

Outshine Your Competition with 3D Letter Signs

But just because they’re 3D doesn’t mean they automatically let you stand out. For all you know, all the other establishments around you are using dimensional letter signs for their businesses as well. To ensure you make the most of your investment, consider working with a reliable sign manufacturer in Atlanta. Our experienced sign specialists at BlackFire Signs, for instance, understand how signs work and which designs attract a particular audience.  

Here are a few things to consider when designing your three-dimensional letters:

Placement. Due to their versatility, 3D letters can be used as both indoor and outdoor signage. Raised outdoor building signs have higher chances of capturing attention than 2D fascia or awning signs. This is especially helpful if your goal is to bring both existing and potential customers through your doorstep. Aluminum is a popular material for this signage because it can be fabricated into different shapes, painted in different colors, and can withstand the elements. Sign professionals can guide you in getting the right size, height, and font style for your 3D signage for greater impact.

Materials. Aluminum and acrylic are two of the most popular choices for materials. Depending on the thickness you want to achieve, there is always a perfect option for you. Cut metal is often used for thicker letters while acrylic is suitable for indoor lobby signs.

Font Style and Color. Today’s technology allows for an almost inexhaustible range of options when it comes to font style, size, and color but any sign expert will tell you that sticking to your company’s color theme and practicing consistent advertising will bring in better results. Getting noticed is good but being remembered and becoming top of mind among your target audience is better. Strengthen your brand identity by using your brand’s distinctive colors and fonts in your dimensional letters and logos.

The Finest Sign Company in Atlanta, GA

Your business signs are your brand’s silent salespeople. How they look says a lot about your organization. Show people your commitment to excellence and quality by having elegant dimensional letters and logos and keeping them updated all the time. BlackFire Signs can design, manufacture, install, and even maintain your signs to keep them looking new for a lifetime. Providing our customers with result-driven products is our business but building lasting relationships with our clients is our passion.

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Interior Signs

Directional Signage: Vital Tools for a Great Customer Experience

Loyal customers are much more valuable to businesses than their first purchase and the only way to get a bunch of loyal customers is to provide exceptional customer service. Sometimes you as a business owner need to walk the extra mile and expend an extra resource to provide your customers a positive experience all the time, but it will be worth your investment. One of these valuable resources is a functional directional signage system.

How Wayfinding Signs Give You the Competitive Advantage

This signage can be used indoors or outdoors. While they are primarily installed to give directions and help people get to their destination, they have so much potential in propelling your business to higher levels. The easier you make it for people to find what they’re looking for in your establishment, the higher your chance of winning their heart and their loyalty. Here are some of the reasons why positive customer experience is vital to your organization’s success:

  • Develops customer loyalty
  • Makes customers feel valued and respected
  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Increases the amount of money loyal customers spend on your business
  • Encourages customers to recommend your business

Wayfinding directional signs are commonly used in colleges and universities, shopping centers & malls, commercial complexes, hotels & restaurants, corporate buildings & offices, healthcare facilities &   hospitals, and community centers.

Types of Custom Directional Signs to Choose From

Directional signs come in different shapes, sizes, and prices. We see them everywhere. Although we don’t consciously notice their presence, their absence can certainly change the way we navigate our environment. Below are examples of directional signs commonly found in professional spaces around us:

  • Monument signs
  • Post and panel signs
  • Pylon signs
  • Arrow signs
  • Parking signs
  • Yard signs
  • Lobby and reception area signs
  • Lobby directory signs
  • Door signs
  • Ceiling signs
  • Digital displays
  • Floor decals and graphics
  • ADA-compliant signs

Business owners can take their marketing game up a notch by using directional signs that carry their brand. Speak with your sign manufacturer and discuss how you can come up with branded signs that support your marketing campaign.

The Best Directional Signage Company in Atlanta

For custom directional signs that are both elegant and functional, businesses in Atlanta and nearby areas can trust the experts at BlackFire Signs. As a full-service sign company, we offer our customers no less than world-class customer service and products that deliver results. From consultation, design, production, and installation, you can count on us to help you achieve your visual advertising goals.

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Vehicle Wraps

5 Tips to design highly effective vehicle graphics

Whether you have an in-house graphics artist or are looking to have them designed by your trusted vehicle lettering specialist in Atlanta, here are few tips to get you started.

How to Have Compelling Vinyl Decals for Your Vehicles

  • Choose Your Message Right. We can’t emphasize this enough to business owners who want to invest in mobile advertising. It’s worth remembering that with this type of advertising, your target audience is on the road and may not have the luxury of time to read and retain too much information. You therefore need to keep your messages short and on-point.
  • Go for Bold Colors and Design. Vivid and memorable design using vibrant colors and captivating graphics are more effective in catching the attention of your target market. At BlackFire Signs, we use only the finest ink and the latest in digital printing technology to make sure your vehicle lettering and graphics stand out even among other wrapped vehicles on the road.
  • Be Consistent. Branding need not be difficult. Visual communication experts know that the key to winning in your branding game is to stay consistent in your advertising efforts. Stick to your brand colors and font styles and allow people to recognize and remember you faster. Incorporate your company logo along with your contact details in your vinyl decals and you can be sure you’ll never go wrong.
  • Keep it Simple. One of the common mistakes business owners make is crowding their graphics on one side of their vehicle. Having a colorful and vibrant design is good but it’s best to keep your elements at a minimum to let your message stand out. Food trucks, for example, may be tempted to showcase all their products hoping to entice their audience. One best-selling product, your company logo, and your brand name will usually suffice and have a better impact than a cluttered mobile billboard.
  • Drive with Care. Now that we’ve discussed the basics of message and design, it’s time to consider one last important factor in vehicle advertising – driving with care. Whether it’s you or a member of your team driving the vehicle, it’s important to realize that the vehicle carrying your graphics is also carrying your company name. It is therefore crucial to make a great impression on the highway by adhering to traffic rules and regulations and treating other motorists right.

The Top Vehicle Graphic Provider in Atlanta

                Regardless of the number of vehicles, you need graphics for there is no project too small or too big for us at BlackFire Signs. Aside from providing only the best products and services in the market, we think of our customers as partners whose success is our business. From vehicle decals to full vehicle wraps, we offer results-driven signage solutions that work.

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