5 Benefits of Investing in Custom Outdoor Signs

How many outdoor signs does your business have? Having only one or two exterior signs really isn’t maximizing the space you have outside. Here are five benefits that new custom outdoor signs can bring your business in Atlanta:

1. Help Customers Find You

Many businesses are a challenge for customers to find. If you’re in a large plaza in Atlanta, with multiple other businesses, a pylon sign can help you be spotted from the road. If your property is set far back from the road, then a monument sign at the road can help show customers where you are. The same thing goes if you’re blocked by trees or other buildings, or if you have a gate for security far from your front door.

2. Boost Your Brand Awareness

People are attracted to new signs. Eventually, your storefront signs become background noise for the people who frequent your area. It will only promote your brand when people are looking for it. But those who aren’t yet aware of your brand aren’t looking for it. Adding new outdoor signs helps change the visual landscape of your store, so that everyone will take a second look. Use banners, post and panel signs, and more to achieve this cost-effectively.

4. Advertise Your Sales

Novelty in your exterior signs doesn’t just help your brand. It can also help you advertise sale events and seasonal promotions. For these uses, you may want to choose re-usable signs and graphics, so that you can use them year after year to get noticed and make an impact.

4. Send a More Sophisticated Message

You don’t need to limit yourself when broadcasting your brand. Many exterior business signs have the room to add a customized sentence or two. Think of monument signs at churches, schools, and some government buildings. Would your business benefit from adding a sentence about your upcoming sales or events? If your message is complicated, signs can help.

5. Change the Customer Experience

What do your customers need to know when they are looking at your storefront? You can use signs to make their experience better, even when you’re not open. List your hours, your return policy, and other critical information through your signs.

Choose BlackFire Signs

Work with BlackFire Signs to get new exterior business signs for your office, business, or other property. We offer quality signs in Atlanta, with unique designs that will help benefit your business.

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