A Guide to Wall Murals

More and more businesses in Atlanta, GA, are transforming their indoor space with vinyl murals. They are a great way to add décor to your space without spending a lot of your spatial resources. In this blog, we’ll attempt to guide you through effectively using custom wall murals for your business.

What are Murals for Walls?

The murals we are typically used to are those painted on walls. Today, however, technology has allowed us to use a vinyl adhesive material to create the same type of look for a fraction of the time and cost of hand-painted walls.

Mural wallpapers are digitally printed vinyl adhesives that can be applied to your wall surfaces. These are used to transform blank, empty walls into an eye-catching piece inside any room. Businesses use these to promote their products and services, boost their brand, and breathe life into their space.

What Wall Murals & Wallpaper Designs are Available?

Because custom wall murals are digitally printed, the design options are virtually limitless. You can have any type of design up on your walls as long as it’s the proper resolution.

For example, businesses create designs that showcase their product line. This way, customers can easily see their product offerings.

Where Can I Install Wall Murals?

Wall murals in Atlanta can be applied on almost all wall surfaces. It can be used to change the look of the walls in an entire room or on one main wall to create a focal point inside your space.

To maximize your vinyl mural, choose an area where a lot of people gather or pass by. That way, you can engage more people with your wall instead of it being tucked away in a silent corner.

What Materials are Available?

There are plenty of mural wallpaper materials available in the market. There are vinyl materials that have a matte, glossy, or textured finish. Different grades are also available for varying durability and scratch resistance.

Check with your local sign maker what materials they offer that fit your needs and your budget.

Which Businesses can Use Wall Murals in Atlanta?

The versatility of wall murals & wallpapers makes it best to use by any type of business in Atlanta, GA. Regardless of the industry and the size of your business, vinyl murals have a place in your company.

Retailers can use these as successful marketing ads for their products and services. Restaurants and cafes can blow up their menu options on their walls to show diners what they offer. Corporate offices can use murals for walls to create a positive atmosphere for their employees.

Who Should Make My Atlanta Wall Murals?

To make sure that you get vibrant, high-quality wall murals, it is best to hire an experienced sign maker. BlackFire Signs is the top choice for many business owners in Atlanta, GA.

Our team only chooses the best vinyl materials and uses advanced technology to guarantee long-lasting vinyl murals for your business. Whether you need a mural for a single wall or your entire space, we can help! Contact us today for a free consultation with our wall mural experts!

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