Different Types of Custom Indoor Signage and How to Use It

The Alley Lobby Signage for Business in Atlanta, GA

While outdoor signs attract your target audience to your business, it’s indoor signs that can benefit both you and them once they set foot in the door.

Well-designed and branded custom indoor signs add to and reinforce your branding, put your messaging across, and aid in promotion. A good indoor sign can also guide your customers to where they want to go and point them to current offers and promotions.

There are many different types of indoor signage, and here, we’re going to explore just some of them and talk you through how you might use them to boost your business.

Types of Indoor Signage for Businesses:

1) Lobby signs

Create your best first impression and enhance brand recognition with a lobby sign that welcomes visitors and builds the right atmosphere right from the start. With a well-designed lobby sign, your customers instantly know they’re in the right place and you can also begin to present your message as soon as your customers enter the building.

2) Wayfinding or directional signs

You can help your customers find their way and subtly guide them along the route you’d like them to take with these signs. You can add signs to doors to show what’s inside, including ceiling or indoor wall signage to show which way to go to different departments and aisles, and use ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) directional signs to help people who have a disability.

Each one of these signs should also be beautifully branded to continue creating a consistent impression throughout your business.

3) Digital displays

Digital displays can be internal or external, but internally, they are ideal for showing your customers what you offer. You can display images and descriptions of products and services, show any offers and discounts, and add to your brand messaging.

These displays are eye-catching because they’re constantly in motion, making them ideal for promoting your latest products or any sale items.

You can also use them to keep people entertained when they are queueing in the checkout line to alleviate boredom and make them feel like they haven’t been waiting long.

The advantage of these signs is that they are quickly updated to reflect what’s currently happening in your business.

4) Banners and posters

These signs are an excellent option for advertising your latest offers and specials. You can show off any discounts and offers, like buy one, get one free, and use the poster or banner to tell customers which aisle to look at if you want to.

These signs aren’t expensive and can be a cost-effective solution for your inside advertising.

5) Window graphics

Give customers helpful information, like your hours of business, services, and contact details right in the window of your office or store.

You can also use window graphics to entice customers inside with deals, special offers, and product promotions.

6) Wall and floor graphics

Both types of signage have multiple uses. You can use these signs for directions or pop an offer onto a floor graphic to attract customers’ attention as they walk around your store.

You can also create the right ambiance to encourage your customers to stay longer and browse, or simply to add to the feeling you want to create for your brand.

With these signs, you have options for anything from a small floor graphic up to a full wall mural.

You Can Count on Blackfire Signs

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