What Are The Different Types of Monument Signs?

Digital Monument Sign

Just as monuments are used to mark significant historic landmarks, custom monument signs establish your company’s identity and mark your location. And often these signs become landmarks in the community!   

These significant, permanent outdoor signs can sit directly in front of your building to welcome customers to your front entrance or they can be placed at a nearby intersection to let drivers know your business is nearby.  

The beauty and solid look of these signs heightens interest in your property.    

Here are some of the many different types of monument signs in Atlanta:

  • Ground level signs with a solid base. Most monument signs sit on the ground and are typically about five feet in height. This is the ideal height to catch the attention of people passing by. A solid foundation serves as the base to hold your horizontal or vertical sign displaying your company’s name and logo.   
  • Pillar-style monument signs. Often used by stores, shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, and the like, two identical pillars made of cement, brick, or stone house the company sign. Sign shapes can be customized to be square, rectangular, round, or oval. Signs can also be two-sided, doubling your messaging potential.
  • Stately materials add to the look and longevity.  Sturdy, weather resistant materials are chosen to ensure your sign looks good as new today and down the road. Choose from beautiful materials such as stone, brick, concrete, wood and fabricated metal. Materials can be used on the base or as part of the sign as an accent detail.  
  • Custom monument signs can be trendy, rustic, modern or corporate—you choose the look that best reflects your brand. A resort in the mountains may opt for the rustic appeal of wood, while a corporate head office may choose modern or classic materials for their sign. Our design team can work with you to select materials and a monument sign design which best reflects your company’s image and personality.    
  • Digital displays, LED lights, illuminated signs. Showcase yourbusiness 24/7with the benefit of an illuminated sign or one with messaging technology. Customized monument signs are a powerful advertising tool to get noticed day or night.   
  • Garden signs. Custom monument sign designs can include a planting area on one or both sides of your sign. Wouldn’t this be a perfect design idea for a landscaping company or a garden center? Businesses like hotels and corporate head offices can also use the garden enhanced signs to add a sense of welcome and beauty to their property.

At BlackFire Signs in Atlanta, we are experts in monument sign design and installation. We can offer expert advice on the different types of signs and suggest the proper placement to ensure you get the most from your investment. Contact us now to speak with a sign specialist and get a complementary quote on your next project.

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