How Custom Business Signs Can Escalate Brand Awareness

Storefront Signs

Is your brand lost in a sea of Atlanta business signs? The first step to getting new customers is to make them aware of your brand and, ideally, connect with it. That is hard to do if your signs aren’t standing out from the crowd. However, a well-designed sign that is unique, can help you build better brand awareness. Here’s how.

Reflect Your Brand

What is unique about your brand? Is it that you’re more trustworthy than your competition? More playful, honest, or natural? Custom business signs should capture that essence of your brand, so that customers feel the way that you want them to feel when you look at the sign.

Signs can achieve this even when your brand is not the primary focus of the sign. A real estate sign is a great example. Your primary purpose may be to sell the home your sign is in front of. However, you also want to include your own branding, so that you can also get your name out there. A quality sign can balance both.

Advertise a New Location

Just opened up a new location. Building brand presence around the new store or office would be a challenge without signs. New custom signs will attract attention to your storefront. People are drawn to novelty. When things change, they take notice. So, use new signs to help remind people of your brands presence in the area. Banners, post and panel signs, and new storefront signs are great options to help advertise your new location.

Target the Right Neighborhoods

You don’t need to limit your signs to your own location. If you want to target specific neighborhoods within Atlanta and surrounding areas, you can place post and panel signs nearby to spread your brand awareness. This location-specific targeting is much more reliable than trying to target the same location through digital advertising or many other methods of advertising.

Stand Out from the Crowd

There are many Atlanta business signs out there, so you need to be creative. Not just in color, font and image. Consider a sign with a unique shape, material, or lighting option that can stand out from signs that you are competing with.

Get Custom Signs in Atlanta From BlackFire Signs

Your custom signs in Atlanta needs to be top-notch. That’s why you should work with BlackFire Signs. We can help you create a sign that perfectly reflects your brand, for all to see.

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