How Interior Signs Help Establish a Brand

It is a customer’s first visit inside your office or store in Atlanta. They step in and look around. What do they see? Whether you are a new or old business, you want your new customer to see your brand first. They need to connect with your values, understand why they should shop with you, and have a strong enough impression of your brand that they remember it later. Establishing a brand is essential to converting customers. Interior signs can help you do both. Here is how.

Lobby Signs

When your customer first steps in the door, they may not be sure if they found the right place. A lobby sign will help you establish your brand and reassure your customer right away. That way, they don’t walk out. Lobby signs are one of the most popular custom indoor signs because they have such a powerful effect on customers.

Wayfinding Signs

Every business has wayfinding signs. Few have as many as a hotel, with multiple wayfinding signs on every floor. However, every business has a sign for the washroom. You may also have office door signs, exit signs, and ADA mandated signs. These interior business signs may be mandated, but you can still personalize them for your brand and building. They help reinforce the brand message and create a seamless experience for the customer.

Menu or Product & Services Signs

You want your customer to connect your branding with what you have to offer. So, signs that reveal your menu, or which list your products of services, should have elements of your branding. To make your interior business signs really stand out, you might want to include some personality. Jokes, characters, and decorative flourishes are all wise to include, if they work with your brand image.

Sale Signs

You may think of sale signs as temporary, and therefore not strongly branded. However, if you tend to re-use the same sale signs, it is a wise idea to make them branded. Then, when your customer finds an exciting deal, they are more likely to associate that deal with your company. We can help you create eye-catching sale signs that have elements of your brand.

Work with BlackFire Signs

Are you ready to get a set of custom indoor signs that will help you establish your brand in Atlanta? The experts at BlackFire Signs can help you choose which indoor signs will make the biggest impact for your branding. Reach out to us today.

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