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Brick and mortar businesses have learned to use digital advertising to market their brand, but let’s be honest; graphics advertising remain to be the most reliable form of visual marketing and lobby signs continue to make a statement that reinforces all other outdoor business signs any company has.

Whether you are looking for retail outlet or office lobby signs, we are here to give you insights on how to come up with an effective reception area signage system that effectively represents your brand.

How Lobby Signs Can Boost Your Brand

Entrepreneurs know the importance of brand recognition in today’s cutthroat market environment. People usually buy from brands they recognize and trust. Use this knowledge to your advantage by making sure you have a cohesive signage system that speaks to your brand.

A lobby sign strategically placed behind your reception desk, for instance, is usually the first thing customers see when they walk into your office or retail store. In a way, these signs serve as your silent brand ambassadors. How they look speaks volumes about your organization. An elegant and professionally installed lobby sign inspires confidence and awe in both existing and potential clients. Use materials and colors that relate directly to your brand image. A three-dimensional brass logo mounted on your reception area wall, for example, should match your exterior building sign. This way, walk-in customers will have a better chance of retaining that image in their subconscious and recognizing your identifying images in the future.

Reception Area Signs that Strengthen Your Identity

Other reception area signs that can carry your brand and strengthen your identity are directional wayfinding and digital lobby signs. LED displays in your reception area can play promotional and informational videos about your organization. These versatile pieces of technology can significantly improve customers’ waiting time as they advertise your business.

Wall graphics and acrylic wayfinding signs that show visitors the way to the rest rooms, fire exit or the customer service department can similarly be designed to carry your company colors or logo as a watermark. Every element of your visual marketing system has the power to establish your brand identity and solidify your presence in your chosen industry.

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