Tips for Designing Great Architectural Signage

When you want to strengthen your brand with roadside appeal, architectural signage in Atlanta is a great option. These signs create the best impact, whether used indoors or outdoors. It’s a big draw for potential customers. Moreover, it is a memorable sign that is effective for brand recall.

Atlanta Architectural Signage

To maximize success, it is important to know what makes architectural signs different. These can be a number of different signs that are tailored to support your brand. It is also used as a visual wayfinding sign built to enhance your space.

The biggest difference is in the details. These signs are professionally designed and built using high-quality materials. They are intended to last a long time and provide your business with a lot of added value for years to come.

What Makes Great Architectural Signage in Atlanta?

Focus on Important Information

Custom architectural signage puts more focus on your company name. It is what you want people in Atlanta, GA, to see first. It is the ideal way to build on brand awareness. However, there can be a lot of value in adding other important business information.

Here are some additional elements that can make your sign more impactful:

  • Company logo
  • Business tagline
  • Address or contact info

These can complement your sign in a way that can boost your brand further.

Quality is Key

A lot of architectural signs are out in the open. They are more prone to fading and damage. This means choosing durable, long-lasting materials.

Go back to your design and consult with your sign company regarding the best materials that can be used. Your options can tell you whether your design is doable, or you may have to make adjustments. Aesthetics are important. However, durability can make it a worthwhile investment. You don’t want to keep paying for a new sign every year just because of quality.

Design = Branding

A significant investment like Atlanta architectural signage is a big decision. Designing it can be overwhelming for some. It should be a reflection of the business atmosphere you want to put out.

A key element of a great design is how it complements your surroundings. Ensure that your signage design fits well with the other elements of your business space. What you want to avoid is confusing customers with a sign that stands out the wrong way.

Lastly, ensure that your designs are consistent all across your other marketing tools. This helps solidify your brand and improves brand recognition.

The Best Custom Architectural Signage Company

Having the right sign design also includes choosing the right sign company to do the job. You want to make sure you pick a sign partner that understands your business well.

BlackFire Signs is the top choice of business owners in Atlanta, GA. We are committed to producing high-quality signs that set you apart. Our goal is to turn your signage vision into a reality. Contact us today to get started on stunning architectural signage for your business!

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