Trade Show Displays: Different Types and Uses

trade show displays atlanta

Trade shows are an excellent opportunity for businesses in Atlanta to connect with a wider audience and engage in an interactive face-to-face conversation with potential and existing customers. With the number of exhibitors and guests, however, getting lost in the crowd or worse – ignored, can be easy. This is why it is important to have attention-grabbing trade show booth displays that allow you to stand out from the crowd and outshine your competition.

Trade Show Displays in Atlanta

When it comes to the best trade show displays in Atlanta, you can trust the experts at BlackFire Signs. Our knowledgeable trade show specialists can help both beginner and experienced exhibitors achieve their marketing goals.

There are a few booth types to choose from, but you only need to understand the three most popular trade show booth displays to help you decide which one to have in your next event.

Portable Trade Show Displays

Highly recommended for novice exhibitors in Atlanta, this booth type is also popular among trade show veterans. The parts are easy to setup and take down and are generally affordable compared to other types. They comprise mostly of stretch fabric panels that form a backdrop, retractable banners, and tables with personalized tabletop runners.

Modular Display

Modular trade show displays are typically made of prefabricated blocks that exhibitors assemble on site to form a booth with a variety of visual advertising tools. The display may include shelves for holding promotional products, counters and literature holders, and tables for guests that might be interested to learn more about the exhibitor’s offer.

Custom Booths and Displays

Of course, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for your marketing requirements, but we at BlackFire Signs can create custom-made booths that allow you to achieve a specific goal in mind. In addition to portable banners and standees, you can add hanging LED displays that play colorful moving pictures. People are naturally attracted to anything that glows or moves. Strategically placed signage materials designed for a specific set of audience, therefore, give you an edge over your competitors.

The Top Trade Show Booth Provider in Atlanta

            Whether you need one trade show banner or an entire set of custom booths, we are always delighted to accommodate your request. From portable trade show displays to highly customized booths requiring electrical work, we have it all for you.

            Call BlackFire Signs now and book a free consultation.

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