Why ADA Signs Are Important For Your Business

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An ADA compliant sign is not just important for your business and your image, it is the law. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires use of these signs for every permanent room or space in a commercial or public building. The ADA helps remove barriers for over 2.5 million Americans who are visually impaired, including blindness. 

The signs must adhere to a set of standards as well as be placed in specific locations as they pertain to safety.

Schools, churches, and businesses must have ADA compliant signs to ensure their building is accessible to everyone ( https://www.ada.gov – Chapter 7, section 703). Determining what is a permanent room and understanding the complexities of the ADA can be overwhelming. We have experience helping business owners in Atlanta adhere to ADA signage requirements.     

What Does an ADA Sign Look Like and Where Is it Used?

ADA compliant signs use high contrast colors for optimal readability, along with tactile braille and raised lettering. There are specific guidelines outlined in the code in terms of sign design, lettering, colors, spacing and more.

  • ADA Signs are used indoors and outside. Braille signs can be used to mark elevators in a parking garage, or an ADA restroom sign can be used to mark a self-standing washroom facility such as at a public park or stadium. Although in some cases these outdoor signs may not be mandatory by law, their use shows that companies care about their patrons and have gone above and beyond to ensure their safety and well being. They also enhance the guest experience and the image of your company.   
  • Certain areas of your building may require ADA compliant signs, but perhaps not every office or space. Determine which rooms are permanent and then make a list of places where ‘Life Safety Signs’ are required. This includes exit signs at doors or stairways, fire exits, floor designation signs and ADA restroom signs.  
  • The code details the use of specific font sizes and high contrast colors. There is some leeway that permits companies to include certain brand elements, as long as they meet the mandatory specifications outlined in the code.    

Trust the ADA Sign Experts in Atlanta

We own and operate BlackFire Signs, a full-service commercial signage and graphics manufacturing company. Contact us now for expert advice in ADA sign compliance.

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