Why Dimensional Letters Are a Major Asset to Your Business

Dimensional letter signage of ASW Distillery by Blackfire Signs in Atlanta

How do you choose signage for your new business? Or, if your business is well established, how do you appeal to new customers that haven’t found your business yet? One of the best ways to draw new visitors to your brick-and-mortar location is with the use of dimensional letters for your custom signage. A dimensional letter sign will catch people’s attention and draw them to your storefront.

What are Dimensional Letters?

Dimensional letters are three-dimensional letters that stand out from your overhead or wall space. Instead of a flat, two-dimensional sign, the dimensional letters push outward from the wall creating a light and shadow effect that makes them more interesting.

You can enhance this effect with illumination either from the letters themselves or behind or under them. If your business is within a strip mall or is open when it’s dark outside, dimensional letters will help people find it.

Dimensional Lettering for Wall Signs

Dimensional lettering catches the attention of people nearby when it’s used on an oversized wall sign inside your retail shop or restaurant. You can pair the letters with your logo, or just use the lettering alone. If you place and illuminate the letters with significant space around the perimeter of the sign, the dimensional letter sign will pop, creating interest and grabbing the attention of browsers and shoppers.

Used in this fashion a dimensional letter sign is one way to display your branding inside your shop.

Dimensional Letters for Overhead Signs

Overhead storefront signs are an excellent way to implement dimensional letter signage into your business. This can be used within a mall space or outside your storefront.

If you are inside a mall or in a strip mall, dimensional letters will help you stand out from other neighboring stores. Working within your allowed space for an overhead sign, you can maximize the use of that space with personalized dimensional letters. Start by selecting a style of font for your custom sign. It should match the style of your current branding (unless you are making a change).

Then you can select the colors for your lettering to coordinate with or stand out from your storefront. Once you’ve made these choices, you can add your logo to the sign where it fits best in the design. Finally, you’ll decide how you want to light up the signage.

Dimensional Letter Signs for Branding

Using 3D signs in Atlanta for branding is a terrific way to bring attention to your brand. Channel letters are bold, seen easily, and draw the eye towards your sign. If you are consistent with font choice for your signage and website content, the dimensional letter sign will only enhance all your other branding.

Consistent branding will help remind people of your company and connect the 3D letter sign with images they’ve seen in other marketing. To learn more about how a dimensional letter sign can work for your storefront, contact us at BlackFire Signs.

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