Why Should You Wrap Your Vehicle Instead of Painting?

Commercial Vehicle Wrap

People are constantly trying to find new and innovative ways of branding. When someone is the first to do something, it’s sure to stand out, and standing out is crucial in the advertising business. Vehicle Wraps aren’t a new idea, but they are not that common when compared to other forms of signage. Having a car wrapped is a great way to get eyes on your advertising and attract customers.

If you’re interested in getting your vehicle wrapped in Atlanta, Georgia, then you’ll want to read what the experts at BlackFire Signs have to say about wraps vs paint.

Vehicle Wraps Vs Paint Jobs

Both are forms of mobile advertising, but why do we believe wrapping your vehicles is better than simply getting a new paint job? Let’s look at some of the reasons why:

Lower Cost

This one will jump out at anyone considering between the two. To paint your car, you have to get the original paint job removed—which takes time—then the new paint job needs several coats, and each coat needs to dry for a day. You might not have your vehicle back for weeks. It’s a lengthy and more expensive process when compared to a vehicle wrap which can be designed and installed in only a few short days.


A vehicle wrap is much more durable than a paint job. It protects the original paint job that’s underneath the surface. You could say that your wrap is a protective shell against minor scratches. This will increase your vehicle’s resale price because it will still have the original paint job.

Easy Removal

The great thing about a custom vehicle wrap is that it can be easily removed, and you can have your vehicle back the way it was. The process is safe and easy, unlike a paint job which involves having the paint removed and then another entire paint job to restore the car to normal.

Custom Vehicle Wraps

The great thing about vehicle wraps is that they can have customized graphics and be as fancy or as plain as you want them to be. You can have something over the top and eye-catching, or you can keep things neat and professional. Commercial vehicle wraps don’t necessarily have to be fancy, just a few simple graphics, the name of your business and a number where you can be reached are all it takes to get your name out there.

If someone is looking for the type of service you provide, and they see your vehicle on the road with a number to call, it’s bound to pique the interest of people.

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