5 Tips to design highly effective vehicle graphics

Vehicle Graphics, Atlanta

Whether you have an in-house graphics artist or are looking to have them designed by your trusted vehicle lettering specialist in Atlanta, here are few tips to get you started.

How to Have Compelling Vinyl Decals for Your Vehicles

  • Choose Your Message Right. We can’t emphasize this enough to business owners who want to invest in mobile advertising. It’s worth remembering that with this type of advertising, your target audience is on the road and may not have the luxury of time to read and retain too much information. You therefore need to keep your messages short and on-point.
  • Go for Bold Colors and Design. Vivid and memorable design using vibrant colors and captivating graphics are more effective in catching the attention of your target market. At BlackFire Signs, we use only the finest ink and the latest in digital printing technology to make sure your vehicle lettering and graphics stand out even among other wrapped vehicles on the road.
  • Be Consistent. Branding need not be difficult. Visual communication experts know that the key to winning in your branding game is to stay consistent in your advertising efforts. Stick to your brand colors and font styles and allow people to recognize and remember you faster. Incorporate your company logo along with your contact details in your vinyl decals and you can be sure you’ll never go wrong.
  • Keep it Simple. One of the common mistakes business owners make is crowding their graphics on one side of their vehicle. Having a colorful and vibrant design is good but it’s best to keep your elements at a minimum to let your message stand out. Food trucks, for example, may be tempted to showcase all their products hoping to entice their audience. One best-selling product, your company logo, and your brand name will usually suffice and have a better impact than a cluttered mobile billboard.
  • Drive with Care. Now that we’ve discussed the basics of message and design, it’s time to consider one last important factor in vehicle advertising – driving with care. Whether it’s you or a member of your team driving the vehicle, it’s important to realize that the vehicle carrying your graphics is also carrying your company name. It is therefore crucial to make a great impression on the highway by adhering to traffic rules and regulations and treating other motorists right.

The Top Vehicle Graphic Provider in Atlanta

                Regardless of the number of vehicles, you need graphics for there is no project too small or too big for us at BlackFire Signs. Aside from providing only the best products and services in the market, we think of our customers as partners whose success is our business. From vehicle decals to full vehicle wraps, we offer results-driven signage solutions that work.

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