LED Message Boards

LED Message Boards, Atlanta

Deliver a Compelling Message with Speed and Visibility

Atlanta’s BlackFire Signs has the solution in the form of LED message boards. With crisp resolution, eye-catching motion, and exceptional night visibility, a programmable LED message board should be part of your marketing cache.

There are times you will need to convey a message on relatively short notice – one that’s highly noticeable and attractive, positioned to reach a wide audience, and still able to change as needed, without much effort or expense. Unlike static lobby signs or office signs, LED message boards can be used to communicate safety messages, announcements and upcoming events throughout your school, campus, manufacturing plant, healthcare facility or corporate offices.

Quick Changes and Easy to Use

  • Electronic sign boards are a great way to promote new specials, sales, or announcements.
  • LED Boards are ideal to notify the community and support upcoming events in Atlanta, Decatur, or Marietta. You can even re-purpose them during the event, to send updates, directions, or special offers.
  • LED light message boards can be changed quickly, with no special skills needed if you are handling unexpected events, urgent announcements, and even emergencies. They’re ideal signs for changing circumstances.
  • Celebrate wins, welcome new staff, and add a personal touch with an Outdoor LED message board. Outdoor illuminated message boards convey your brand’s attributes around the clock, day or night.
  • While permanent wayfinding signs should be part of your strategy, lighted message boards let you spell out directions, are visible at a distance and aid with directions and wayfinding.
LED Message Boards, Atlanta

Call BlackFire Signs and we will help your business create signage that can get attention at all times of the day and is easy to change whenever you need it to. Call us now and we’ll Ignite Your Brand without burning your budget.