Bathroom Signs

Make Sure Your Customers Can Get Where They Need to Go

Bathroom signs may not seem like the optimal place to display your brand ADA Restroom Signage Options.

While men and women’s bathroom signs may seem straightforward, there are some design options:

  • You may choose not to have your logo or other explicit branding elements on the sign, due to space or aesthetics. However, we can help ensure your custom bathroom signs are consistent with other signage in your business, by way of colors, fonts, and construction materials.  There are also more subtle touches you can add – for example, if your company uses a certain illustrated style, you might apply that to the outlines of the figures, while keeping them highly recognizable.
  • If you don’t think putting your logo on your bathroom signage is a good fit, we can take a look at your brand colors and how we can incorporate them into your signs instead while keeping the high contrast needed for your signs to stay ADA compliant.
  • Ensure you’re welcoming all patrons with gender neutral bathroom signs. You can even have some fun with your imagery for your bathroom signage. Some Atlanta businesses use fun and creative imagery on their all gender restroom signs – rather than the standard male and female icons used for most ADA bathroom signs.

Get Signs That Make a Difference

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