ADA Signs

Mission-Critical Signage Requirements

An ADA compliant sign is required for every permanent room or space in a building.

The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) helps remove barriers for people with disabilities. More than 2.5 million Americans suffer from a visual impairment – not just blindness. ADA compliant signage with high contrast colors for optimal readability and tactile Braille and raised lettering help ensure accessibility for seniors, the visually impaired and blind.

You can review the guidelines at – Chapter 7, section 703 of the ADA code relates to signs.

How do you meet or exceed the many guidelines of a very complex act – helping to create a truly accessible space – and still respect your own brand guidelines in Atlanta?

ADA Signs by BlackFire Signs Are Your Answer

BlackFire Signs has extensive expertise in every aspect of ADA signs near Atlanta, GA.  We’ll help you meet all the criteria no matter where your custom ADA signage is placed. For example:

  • ADA compliant signage isn’t limited to indoors. ADA parking signs, or perhaps ADA braille signs marking an outdoor utility, such as stand-alone washroom facilities that need ADA restroom signs. There are also cases where outside signs are not mandatory by law, but still advisable as a matter of visitor experience or overall signage strategy in metro Atalanta.
  • Certain offices and areas in your building may require ADA room signs, however they are not required for every room, we will be able to provide guidance on what is required and what is recommended. Here are a few examples of rooms/areas that may require custom ADA compliant signage: restrooms; vending areas; floor numbers; elevators; stairs; fire exits; and more.
  • Although the act specifies characteristics like font size, contrast, and more, there is leeway to include brand and design elements. For example, with a restroom sign, there are universally understood icons and symbols that are typically used. these icons can still be in the business’s unique style. Text can be highlighted with a bar of strong colour from your company’s logo that still provides the mandatory high contrast.

A Wider Audience for Your Business in the Metro Atlanta Area

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