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ADA Signs
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Mission-Critical Signage Requirements

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An ADA compliant sign is required for every permanent room or space in a building. The ADA, otherwise known as the Americans with Disabilities Act, helps remove barriers for differently-abled individuals. More than 2.5 million Americans suffer from a type of visual impairment – not just complete blindness. ADA compliant signage with high contrast colors for optimal readability and tactile Braille and raised lettering help ensure accessibility for seniors, the visually impaired, and blind. Other design specifications mandated by the law include the usage of universally known symbols, non-glaring materials, upper case letters, Sans Serif font without any italicization, and other unusual and decorative forms, among others.

How do you meet or exceed the many guidelines of a very complex act – helping to create a truly accessible space – and still respect your own brand guidelines in Atlanta?

Character Properties & Braille Dots

ADA signs must follow a set of standards. They have to have braille dots (most of the time, see guidelines for more details), and they have to have certain character properties. The font must be sans-serif, and the letters have to be a minimum of 5/8th of an inch for the main characters and a minimum of 3/8th of an inch for the secondary characters.

Although required for most signs, braille is not necessary on every ADA sign (hanging parking signs, for example,don’t need braille). The ones inside your business must contain braille dots at least 0.9 inches in diameter. Any sign that indicates a change in surroundings, like at doorways and elevators, needs braille so blind people can navigate their way around safely. This is paramount for your business and helps ensure your customer’s safety.

Having these signs in your business is not only required by law in most cases, but it’s also a wonderful way to make everyone feel welcome. When you have ADA signs in your business, the public will know you are a serious business owner that cares about everyone.

Some of the other principal areas that the ADA regulates are:

  • Contrast Finish: When designing ADA signs, they must have a non-glare finish, so people with seeing impairments can read them. This not only helps people with eye problems; signs that don‘t reflect light are easier for everyone to read. You can have this finish with any of your signs to achieve a product that is readable from a distance.
  • Pictograms: Pictograms help signs become more understandable. They should be accompanied by corresponding words, in text, and be at least 6 by 6 inches in size. This makes them easy to see from a distance. The pictograms should be located on the same plane as the text of the sign and be separated from the text and braille by at least half an inch.
  • Size: Depending on how big your signs are, there are requirements for the size of the lettering. This has to do with visibility, so check the guidelines to see the minimum size of the lettering for a corresponding sign size. The braille letters need to be a certain distance from the bottom of the sign, which is also impacted by how big the sign is.
  • Positioning: ADA signs must be placed wherever there is a change in the environment. At doorways, they’re mounted on the right-hand side of the doorway, adjacent to the latch-hand side. If it is a set of double doors, the sign goes on the right-hand side of the right door. If one door is inactive, the sign should be placed on the inactive door. You need to install them at every doorway, elevator, stairway, and entrance of your establishment. Having an ADA sign at your entranceway is the perfect way to say everyone is invited in.
  • HeightThis also depends on what type of ADA sign it is. ADA parking signs have a different height requirement than ADA identification door signs. The ones mounted next to doorways need to be between 48-60 inches from the ground.

ADA Signs in Atlanta by BlackFire Signs Are Your Answer

BlackFire Signs has extensive expertise in every aspect of ADA signs near Atlanta, GA. We’ll help you meet all the criteria no matter where your custom ADA signage is placed. For example:
  • ADA compliant signage isn’t limited to indoors. ADA parking signs, or perhaps ADA braille signs marking an outdoor utility, such as stand-alone washroom facilities that need ADA restroom signs. There are also cases where outside signs are not mandatory by law but still advisable for visitor experience or overall signage strategy in metro Atlanta.
  • Certain offices and areas in your building may require ADA room signs; however, they are not required for every room. Here at BlackFire, signs will guide you on what is required and what is recommended. Here are a few examples of rooms/areas that may require custom ADA compliant signage: restrooms, vending areas, floor numbers, elevators, stairs, fire exits, and more.
  • Although the act specifies characteristics like font size, contrast, and more, there is leeway to include brand and design elements. For example, with a restroom sign, there are universally understood icons and symbols that are typically used. These icons can still be in the business’s unique style. Text can be highlighted with a strong color bar from your company’s logo that still provides the mandatory high contrast.

Best ADA Signs in Atlanta, GA

BlackFire Signs takes pride in producing some of the best ADA signs in Atlanta. We have an amazing team of seasoned specialists, each contributing their expertise to create high-quality and durable ADA signs. A common problem faced by other business-owners is their wrongful interpretation and application of the ADA guidelines, which causes them many problems in the long run. In some cases, entrepreneurs are faced with lawsuits and pecuniary damages. However, in other states, business owners are not granted certificates of occupancy and are given a failed mark on establishment inspections. In other words, choosing the right signage company is crucial to avoid going through all the legal actions and fines. Here at BlackFire Signs, we guarantee that our ADA signs are carefully and intricately designed, fabricated, and installed to ensure that even the smallest details of the law are followed. As industry experts, we have helped a good number of business-owners by providing top-of-the-line ADA signs in Atlanta. If you choose us as your signage company, we promise to take care of every aspect of the process in producing ADA signs to give you fewer headaches, so you can focus on running your business. Are you ready to have some of the top ADA signs in Atlanta? Our professional consultant will give you a rundown of our signage solutions and how BlackFire Signs can help your business through ADA signs.
ADA Sign Atlanta
ADA Sign Atlanta

A Wider Audience for Your Business in the Metro Atlanta Area

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If you’re unfamiliar with ADA signs (Americans with Disabilities Act), they’re a type of sign that helps people who have disabilities navigate their environment. These include wheelchair ramps, accessible restrooms, and braille instructions on elevators.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires all public areas, including buildings and facilities, to be accessible to people with disabilities. 

It can be hard to decide if you need a sign that complies with ADA regulations or not.

So here are some questions to ask yourself:

1) Is my business open to the public? If so, you may need an accessible sign.

2) Do I have employees who require assistance to access my business? If so, you may need an accessible entrance and restroom.

There are a few things you can do to ensure they are ADA-compliant:

First, ensure all your signage is at least 36 inches (0.91 m) high and 48 inches (1.22 m) wide. It will keep people in wheelchairs from having trouble seeing the information on the sign. 

Second, ensure that any text on your signs is no smaller than a 14-point font size (6 points for large print).

Third, ensure there are no obstructions between where people stand when they’re looking at your signs.

Yes, restroom signs do typically require braille. This will ensure that patrons of your business can navigate your space and access your facilities regardless of any visual impairments.

The cost of ADA signs in Atlanta, Georgia, depends on size and quantity. There are different sizes. You can find small signs that are easy to transport to large signs for permanent installation. Contact our team to discuss your ADA signage needs and get a free quote!

ADA signs are made of durable materials and can hold up to the elements. They are typically made from plastic or aluminum, which are highly resistant to wear and tear.

ADA signs come from a variety of materials. The most common are plastic, aluminum, or metal. The material used depends on the type of sign you want. 

The best place to get ADA signs in the Atlanta, Georgia area is BlackFire Signs. We also offer other types of custom signage like directional markers, safety signs, and more.