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Turn an Ordinary Wall into a Focal Point for Your Brand with custom wall graphics

Branding is an important part of any successful business. It is how you differentiate yourself from the competition. It is how customers can identify your business from the rest.

One of the best ways your business can boost your brand is by using an already existing resource. Aside from saving a lot of time and money, you can enhance your space while increasing awareness for your brand with wall graphics in Atlanta.

An existing, unused resource you can take advantage of is your office walls! Capitalize on unused wall space to make a memorable brand statement to your customers, visitors, and employees. Transform your empty wall spaces into a focal point for your brand through custom wall graphics in Atlanta.

Custom Office Wall Graphics Grab Attention

If you need corporate office wall graphics, metro Atlanta’s Blackfire Signs can create office wall graphics for a variety of businesses and purposes.

  • Visitors to your office will enjoy large-scale, full-color vinyl wraps that depict compelling images and even entire scenes. With so much creative space, you can tell a complete story via wall graphics to someone moving through your metro Atlanta, Decatur, or Dunwoody premises.
    As an example, a construction company might choose large custom wall decals that show an impressive project moving from breaking ground to primary construction, and perhaps ending with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.
  • Influence the mood of a space with custom wall graphics, custom vinyl lettering for walls, or window graphics featuring bold blocks of color that create contrast and provide a backdrop for a carefully chosen text that seems to leap off the surface. You can use quick brand attribute value statements, a longer paragraph or two, or a favorite quote.
  • Display your company values or mission to your clients and employees. This is a great way to remind and motivate your team. BlackFire Signs can create custom vinyl lettering, custom graphics, and images for your walls to meet this goal.

Types of Custom Wall Graphics

  1. Wall Cutouts – the most basic and easiest to use. These are cut out into different shapes and sizes. Cutouts are typically used to enhance wall space by adding borders, accents, and the like.
  2. Fabric/Non-PVC – made typically out of finely woven fabric with adhesives. It is best used for intricate designs. These are reusable and perfect for temporary wall coverings.
  3. Block-Cut Vinyl Graphics – often used to cut out letters and shapes to make large pieces. These are great if you need specific colors, finishes, and textures. These are best if you want a glittery, metallic, or mirror effect on your wall spaces.
  4. Printed Vinyl Stickers – cutout stickers that come in different sizes and shapes. These are ideal for smaller projects as they are more prone to tearing and stretching.
  5. Traditional Decals – single-color PVC adhesive that is usually printed over and cut out to form shapes, letters, and more. These are ideal for projects that require only one color. A typography type of custom vinyl wall graphics is a great option for this.
ASW Wall Decal for Interiors in Atlanta, GA

Who Can Use Wall Vinyl Graphics?

Wall graphics in Atlanta are a versatile sign solution that any business, big or small, can benefit from. Small businesses with more limited space can make use of their walls for branding and advertising products and services.

Large enterprises who want to make a statement can make good use of graphics on their walls. It is a great way to tell customers about your company history, and boost employee morale.

Transform any empty wall space into a statement piece that makes every visit a memorable one.

Make a Great Impression on Your Visitors With Corporate Wall Graphics

You only have a limited window of opportunity to make a great impression. Make it count with stand-out corporate wall graphics and murals from Blackfire Signs. We use high-quality vinyl material to ensure your signs remain vibrant and attractive every day.

Make an ordinary wall an extraordinary wall. Contact BlackFire Signs now for an office branding wall graphic that tells the story of your business.

Wall Graphics FAQ

Custom wall graphics are decals and stickers traditionally made of vinyl or PVC. They can be as simple as a single color or as fancy as adding metallic, mirror, or glittery effects to your walls. Uses can be as simple as improving the look of a wall or displaying a company logo or message.

Wall graphics are an effective way to promote and communicate. They may be used to display the company’s core values or promote the brand or products, and services. Wall graphics work perfectly if a specific room or area needs to exude a unique atmosphere or suit it to particular activities.

The best place to apply wall graphics is any space that can effectively convey the message you want to present or facilitate the ambiance you want to create. Lobbies can be great spaces for brand-specific messages, while conference rooms are excellent for statements that recognize employees or state company values. The flexibility of wall graphics lets you choose the place and impact.

Wall graphics are very cost-effective, especially when one considers their benefits. The cost will increase with the size, quality, and quantity of wall graphics. Higher quality wall graphics are worth a little additional investment as they install well, resulting in a lower chance of cracking or bubbling.

Yes, vinyl stickers can be gently removed without damaging the paint underneath. Decals have options when it comes to their adhesiveness, so the ability to reposition as needed is an option. The choice comes down to the need of the business.

Vinyl type is determined by the look you wish to present and can vary whether your needs are for a traditional sticker, a single-color application, or an application with more colors and textures. A BlackFire Signs team member will learn your intended purpose and then advise you on the best options to fit your needs.

Wall stickers can be as simple as precision cutting a single vinyl color with a laser cutter or vinyl cutter to produce the graphic or as complex as printing the desired image and then contour cutting around it. Single color graphics and block cut vinyl with different finishes can be combined on a wall for different effects or statements.

If you have a wall graphic idea, we have a solution. Our expert team is here to help you find the vinyl types and looks that best fit your intended purpose. Contact us today for a free consultation.