Dimensional Sign Letters

Make Your Brand Larger than Life, Three-Dimensional, and Visible at a Distance!

Looking to add prestige and status to your Atlanta, Marietta, or Decatur brand?

Dimensional letter signage from BlackFire Signs is the answer. We are experts at creating dimensional logo signs, 3D dimensional letters, and 3D acrylic letter signs for businesses.

  • Acrylic dimensional letters literally stand out! Thickness varies depending on your requirements, brand elements, and choice of material. As 3D dimensional signage is highly customizable to suit the needs of your Atlanta business.  
  • High-contrast, colored backdrops and unusual materials can add to the effect. We also offer dimensional letters and logos in various metals, along with PVC dimensional letters.  Consider adding lighting or halo effect for even more visual depth. Dimensional letters are ideal for both indoor and outdoor purposes.  Create custom dimensional letter signs for your interior office space or add dimensional lettering to help shoppers navigate your space. mounting 3D signs for business at prominent places on the exterior of your building.
  • There are also several different ways to light up your letters if you so choose. You can go for the traditional front-lit letters and have your signage shine forward to grab the attention of passersby. You can have back-lit letters that create a halo effect for your letters to give them a slightly more mysterious look. Or if you’re looking to really “let there be light,” you can choose both options. Often when customers choose lighting for both the front and back, they choose to do each sides light in different colors for an interesting contrast.

Ready to stand out?

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