Dimensional Letter Signage

Make Your Brand Larger than Life With 3D Signs Atlanta

Looking to add prestige and status to your Atlanta, Marietta, Decatur brand or business? Dimensional letter signage and 3D Signs are the answer. At BlackFire Signs, we are experts at creating impressive sign solutions, and we are proud to provide 3D Signs all over Atlanta to all the local businesses. The 3D sign letters we offer include:

  • Dimensional logo signs
  • 3D dimensional letters
  • 3D acrylic letter signs for businesses

The 3D signs effect creates a level of depth that makes your sign unmistakable anywhere. These are a popular choice for offices, retail stores, and more. Letter signs for businesses are some of our specialties; we just love the way three-dimensional letter signs look, and so will your customers.

Dimensional Letter Signs

Custom 3D Signs in Atlanta

3D Signs are versatile and can be customized to suit the needs of your business. It is the perfect sign choice if you want to increase customer traffic to your business or if you need to boost your brand. You can even order 3D letter car logo signage that is customized to your needs.

– Acrylic dimensional letter signage stand out! Unlike 2D signs, these pop out of any wall or surface they are mounted on. Thickness varies depending on:

  • Your requirements
  • Brand elements
  • Choice of material

High contrast, colored backdrops, and unusual materials can add to the effect. We also offer dimensional letter signage and logos in various metals, including PVC dimensional letters.

Consider adding lighting or a halo effect for even more visual depth. This will make your signs more noticeable during the day. Illuminating your signs also lets you increase brand exposure at night.

3D signs in Atlanta are ideal for both indoor and outdoor purposes. Custom dimensional office signs are great for your interior office space. These can also be added to help shoppers easily navigate your facility.

Mount 3D signs for your business on prominent places outside your building. This helps give a name to your business. Make your business known to your target customers with an impressive outdoor 3D sign.

There are also several different ways to light up your letters if you so choose. You can go for the traditional front-lit letters and have your signage shine forward. This easily grabs the attention of passersby.

You can also have back-lit letters that create a halo effect for your letters. This gives them a slightly more mysterious look.

If you’re looking to let your sign shine, you can choose both options. This also lets you choose different colors for the front and back sides. This creates a more interesting contrast.

Types of Dimensional Letter Signage

When it comes to making the best sign for your business, you can choose among the available types of dimensional letters that can make your business stand out:

Fabricated Metal Letters

These types of dimensional letters are durable, sturdy, and long-lasting. While there are many metal options available, these letters are typically made using aluminum and stainless steel. Fabricated letters can be illuminated using LED lights to create an appealing look. These letters are available in a variety of finishes and can be customized using other metals such as copper, bronze, titanium, and brass as per your requirement.

Waterjet Flat Cut Metal Letters

These letters can be made using a variety of metals, such as copper, bronze, brass, core-ten steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, and can be painted and finished in many styles to meet your logo needs. These letters are typically flush-mounted or studded on the back wall of businesses. Due to their durability, these letters can be used for interior and exterior signs.

Laser Cut Acrylic Letters

If you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing and sleek look, laser-cut letters are the answer. These types of dimensional letters are an affordable option that can be painted to match any Pantone color. Acrylic letters are a popular choice for adorning business reception areas, lobbies, and for directional purposes. You can get vibrant color graphics printed on the laser-cut letters to get a striking look.

PVC Letters and Logos

PVC letters can be customized in several fonts, styles, colors, and designs to match your logo and brand. These types of dimensional letters can be commonly seen in banks, municipal buildings, schools, corporate offices, and more. These letters can be flush mounted or attached to the wall using secure studs. You can get these letters customized in any finish, such as patina finish, painted, brushed, anodized, or polished.

How Do You Plan to Use 3D Lettering Signage?

Here are some questions to ask yourself when considering three-dimensional letters for signage:

  • What is your goal for this 3D sign?
  • Where do you want to mount three-dimensional letters?
  • What benefits do you expect to get when you add exterior signage?
  • What size makes the most sense to get the effect you want?
  • What kind of lighting works best with your exterior 3D logo sign?
  • Do you prefer illuminated three-dimensional letters inside your lobby?
  • What finish works best with your logo and company branding?
  • Are you looking for outdoor or indoor 3D lettering?

These and other similar questions will help you narrow down your choices for a 3D logo and lettering sign whether you position it as an illuminated storefront sign or interior branding behind your point-of-sale registers.

How to Use Three Dimensional Letters Signs

Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, there is always a place for 3D letter signs in Atlanta. This is a great choice when you want your business to look more professional and credible.

3D acrylic LED words are a great idea for any business that wants its letters to shine. They look great in the dark and stand out more than regular acrylic dimensional letters.

Should I Use Dimensional Letters for Outdoor Signage?

Dimensional office signs have become popular in the Atlanta area because three-dimensional letters make your branding pop. Since pop-out letters can be illuminated from within or behind, there are so many interesting effects you can create. Outdoor signs work best at driving new traffic when they are easy to see during daytime and nighttime.

You can create appealing storefront signage using 3D signs in Atlanta in bright colors or reflective metallic finishes to make them stand out more. Add lighting to the three-dimensional signs so people can see them just as well during the dark hours of the night.

Indoor Dimensional Lettering

Indoors, these signs can enhance any wall space. They are very effective in boosting your indoor branding strategy. Dimensional office signs also let you showcase your branding to your clients. Dimensional sign letters make for an impressive lobby or reception sign. These can be mounted directly to your wall to spell out your business name. You can also add an acrylic base. This creates a contrast that makes your sign more memorable. These 3D signs can be put up in your office or business simply to improve the overall look. If your place of business looks enticing, people will want to do business with you.

Are Durable Dimensional Letters Good Signage for Indoors?

Atlanta dimensional letters work well to get people to notice something so indoor lettering is a good choice for an accent wall, company logo inside your lobby and meeting areas, and any doorway or space you want to be highlighted.

If you have a meeting room you frequently use to meet with clients or vendors who you’d like to impress, stylish dimensional letters on an accent wall are a good start. For the accent wall effect, the wall color should contrast with the signage color. It works even better with a wall that is painted a different color from the rest of the walls in the room. Then you can decide if your letters and logos sign company should add backlighting.

Outdoor Dimensional Lettering

3D signs can be made using materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions in Atlanta. For that reason, these are useful as outdoor signs. When you need a stand-out storefront sign, these are an ideal choice. These can also be added to other sign options, like monument signs and pylon signs. Outdoor dimensional lettering can help attract customers to your doorstep and increase your brand awareness by creating visually powerful and attractive storefront signage. When your customers are familiar with your logo and brand name, they develop a trust that prompts them to visit your business.

How to Choose Suitable Dimensional Lettering

Planning carefully and choosing the right product for dimensional lettering will help you reap the many benefits of 3D lettering. Here’s how you can choose dimensional letters that match your requirements:

  • Match Your Brand: The first step in selecting dimensional lettering is to ensure it is consistent with what you want your brand to portray. If you choose something that doesn’t match your brand, you won’t be able to effectively use the 3D lettering. Decide whether your brand needs colors or sleek natural finished letters for dimensional letters, and choose accordingly. 
  • Keep Your Location in Mind: It’s crucial to select dimensional letters according to the location of your business. If your business is situated in an area regularly prone to harsh weather conditions, you need to select the most sturdy and durable material for your outdoor signage. In such areas, you cannot compromise on the quality and strength of the materials used for lettering. 
  • Plan Your Budget: If your business has limited financial resources or you have a restricted budget for 3D lettering, opting for cost-effective aluminum lettering can be a suitable choice.  

How to Get Started Ordering a 3D Letter Sign in Atlanta

If you’re based in Atlanta, start by contacting BlackFire Signs, and we can help you design, budget, and install your sign professionally for the best results. BlackFire Signs will help you stay on budget and still get the attractive and eye-catching sign you need to drive traffic to your door. Contact BlackFire Signs today.

Ready to Stand Out?

Dimension letter signage has been proven time and time again to be an effective way to stand out. With all the options to choose from like letter signs, acrylic letter signs, 3D letter signs, and more, there is sure to be a sign that pops out (literally) and grabs your attention. Our team strives to find the right formula that works out for everyone, every time. We can help create an impact on your target customers with a memorable sign solution today. BlackFire Signs offers a wide range of sign options that can fulfill your business needs. As an experienced dimensional letter sign company in Atlanta, our signs are always made using high-quality materials and advanced technology. It’s a competitive industry, so we know we have to produce the best quality signs and have top-notch customer care. We love the challenges our customers bring us, and we love seeing their happy faces when we finally present them with their beautiful custom signs. That moment of reveal makes it worth it all in the end. Phone us at (404) 636-4800 or contact us for a truly deep selection of dimensional sign letters!

Local 3D Signage Expertise in Atlanta

Working with a professional and experienced sign company in Atlanta is the best way to draw up a design, then work with sign-makers to turn your dimensional letter sign idea into reality. BlackFire Signs has both the experience and professionalism you expect to find in a local sign company. They can show you samples of 3D signage ideas that have worked for other companies, then help you determine which style fits your company’s branding.


Dimensional signage is made up of signs that have a 3rd dimension in them. This allows the signs to “pop” out from the wall where they are mounted and allows them to increase their eye-catching potential.

Dimensional signage has added depth in its design which allows these signs to capture attention with ease. They combine interesting colors and shapes with an extra dimension to catch people’s eyes and draw them to your building.

In terms of channel letters, you can mount them on a raceway or mount them individually. A raceway is a horizontal rectangle that is usually painted the same color as the wall it’s going to be put on, so it blends in, and the letters stand out. Mounting the letters individually consists of giving each dimensional letter its own support.

This varies, depending on size and the material used. Reach out to us at (404) 636-4800 or message us on our contact page and our team can provide you with an estimate.

A dimensional logo sign is any 3-dimensional sign of a logo. This is a great way to create unique branding that helps you stand out as your logo is one-of-a-kind.

3D signs are the same as dimensional signs. They have a 3rd dimension to them in the form of raised letters or logos rather than just plain flat 2D signs.

You can mount them with a raceway or mount them individually. Both are valid and it is typically up to you as the business owner to decide which you would prefer. However, there are some cases where the letters will need to be mounted in a specific manner due to the surface they will be attached to. Our team of experts will help you decide on the best type of mounting process for your 3D letters.

Acrylic is a highly customizable material that can be shaped and cut with ease and precision. The process for creating 3D signs from acrylic is dependent on the style of sign you decide on. Contact our team to learn more about our sign-making processes.

“Channel letters” specifically refers to a type of dimensional lettering with a built-in light source. Typically, the lighting is embedded in the sign and shines out of an acrylic face, but lighting can also be placed on the back of the sign to give it a halo effect. Dimensional letters do not have a built-in light source but are still 3D.