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Push-Thru Acrylic Lobby Signs for Office Reception

Set the Tone for Your Visitors Before You Say a Word

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. For an Atlanta business, this occurs when a visitor first enters your premises. Your lobby signs in Atlanta should accurately represent your brand image and company values so that your audience can truly grasp who you are and what you do. If you want to appear professional and dependable, your lobby signage needs to look classy, sleek, and reputable. BlackFire Signs can help you create a positive and lasting first impression with our impressive lobby signage. We take pride in producing some of the best-rated custom lobby signs in Atlanta. We understand that each business is different and has unique needs. This is why we always go the extra mile by studying your brand, conducting on-site evaluations, and researching your competitors and customers. In doing so, we are able to produce full-proof custom lobby signs in Atlanta that are worth the investment. BlackFire Signs provides lobby signage consultation, design, fabrication, and installation. We even offer post-installation cleanup and maintenance services. If you want to learn more about how we make our top-notch lobby signs in Atlanta, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today!

Signs to Make Customers Feel Welcome

Your lobby signs in Atlanta must make your guests and clients feel welcomed. One way to do this is by utilizing crucial design elements. For example, install a warm illumination on your signage to create a hotel reception area with an inviting and classy vibe. However, if you’re aiming for that hip and cool ambiance on your new restaurant, you can incorporate neon signs in the waiting area, which are also perfect for taking lots of Instagram-worthy photos.

Whatever your branding strategies may be, our team is ready and equipped to supply the most memorable and iconic lobby signs in Atlanta.

If you’re looking for custom office lobby signs near Atlanta, GA, we can help you:

  • Make a great first impression. Whether it’s office lobby signs or reception signs, we have the expertise and experience to execute your unique vision and brand. Take that first impression to the next level. Consider backlit lobby signs for extra visual power. Use dimensional letters plus lighting in your custom lobby signs to deliver an eye-catching first look inside your Atlanta business.
  • Make your brand stand out with a sign that doesn’t just let visitors know they’re in the right place but also lets them know what your brand has to offer.
  • Provide visual cues to help visitors quickly find their way around by adding lobby directional signs.
  • In multi-tenant or multi-office scenarios, it’s important to help visitors get to the right person or company. One of the best ways to achieve that is by adding lobby directory signs.
  • Build a stronger relationship with your audience by showcasing the company’s history and accolades over the years. This allows them to learn more about your brand and have more confidence in your products and services.
  • Display reminders, rules, safety precautions in one of your banner or tabletop lobby signs in Atlanta so that guests will know the dos and don’ts while inside the establishment.

Showcase your company in Atlanta and nearby areas with excellence, enhance your brand recognition, and set the tone for your office decor and design by investing in high-quality lobby signs. Are you ready to have one of the best custom lobby signs in Atlanta? Call us today!

Beat the Competition in Atlanta

In a competitive market like Atlanta, getting noticed is difficult. However, you can use your logo signs to help you get noticed, and then retain customers once they are familiar with you. Working with an experienced logo sign company that’s local to Atlanta can give you the extra boost you need so people will remember you. BlackFire Signs is a local sign company with expertise and experience designing all sorts of logo signage, including:
  • Lobby signs
  • Directional signs
  • Wall graphics
  • Floor graphics
  • Dimensional letter signs
  • Backlit signs
  • Illuminated signs
  • 3D logo signs

Take advantage of BlackFire Signs designers’ intimate knowledge of what type of logo signage works well in Atlanta, and how to install it for maximum influence.

Lobby Directional Signs

Reception signs in Atlanta are often what give customers insight into a business. Adding custom lobby signs in your reception area can help build your branding and give clients a strong impression so they will remember you. One way you can give a good impression is with clear lobby directional signs, so clients feel confident in where they need to go.

Reception signs can also be designed in your signature colors. This helps build the continuity of your interior branding.

Modera Wealth Custom Acrylic Office Lobby Sign For Reception Area
Sage Mountain Personalized Wall Signs for Office Lobby

Backlit Lobby Signs

Lobby display signs look even better when they’re backlit. Backlighting adds light and shadow to your sign display, making the sign itself stand out more visually.

Office lobby signs are a useful addition to any business that has multiple offices with difficult-to-find locations, especially for first-timers. This type of sign can be installed in doctor’s offices, accounting firms, law offices, or any building that has more than a few rooms.

Installing Standout Logo Signs in Atlanta

Your logo can be incorporated in any or all signage for your company. Creating cohesive business signs for an environmental effect can help customers remember your business. BlackFire Signs can match you with one of our designers, so you can work on a distinctive message for your logo signage.

Adding your logo to all your signage where appropriate will help customers connect the logo and business name so that it’s easier to remember your company when they need your products or services.

Backlit Lobby Signs for Business in Atlanta, GA
Exhale Custom Office Lobby Signs in Atlanta, GA

Acrylic Lobby Signs

Acrylic lobby signs and acrylic office wall signs are two types of lobby signs for businesses that work well inside most entrances and reception areas. Acrylic lobby signs for business settings are affordable and hold color well. Designs on acrylic lobby signage are true to color and stand out. They are also durable and hold up well over time.

Great First Impressions with Unique Acrylic Office Signs in Atlanta

Make us your first stop for first impressions that last. Contact BlackFire Signs now for company lobby signs that will impress.

Making Your Mark in Atlanta's Business Culture

BlackFire Signs will help you make your distinctive mark on the business culture of this unique city. Become a fixture in Atlanta, and well-known to Atlanta’s communities as a partner to rely on. Create the type of signage that highlights your history, experience, and positive contribution to the city, and encourages clients to reach out to you when they need your help.

Get in touch with Atlanta’s signmaker, BlackFire Signs, so they can begin to create a cohesive lobby signage package to give your office lobby a makeover. Contact us today.


A lobby sign is a sign strategically placed in the lobby of your organization to ensure your brand extends from the outside in, welcoming your customers and telling a story about who you are as an organization. In most cases, lobby signs are larger-than-life reiterations of your company logo.

Lobby signs can be made out of a wide variety of materials, including wood, metal, glass, vinyl, acrylic, and more. Some of the most common types of lobby signs include murals, acrylic signs, vinyl graphics, backlit signs, and 3D letters. Your graphic designer at BlackFire Signs can show you examples of each type and help you determine which compliments your space.

The cost of your lobby sign will vary depending on the colors, complexity, and materials. Generally speaking, vinyl graphics installed directly on the wall is the least expensive option, while murals and illuminated custom logos will be the most expensive options. Acrylic signs and dimensional logos fall in the middle of the range.

There aren’t just four kinds of lobby signs. The most common signs selected for entrances and lobbies are wall murals, acrylic signs, vinyl graphics, backlit signs, and 3D letters.

The lobby of your business contributes to your customers’ first impression of your organization; it provides you with an opportunity to share your brand message with them. Who are you? What do you do? Why does your work matter? Lobby signs are critically important in introducing that message to your customer, welcoming them to your organization, and helping them connect what they’ve seen and heard about you outside of your organization to who you really are.