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If you think about signs in Atlanta that stand out and make a great impression, it’s a safe bet many of them use channel letters. It is also a good bet that our team at BlackFire Signs has created many of those distinctive channel letter signs.

What Are Channel Letters?

Signs made from channel letters, characters, and numbers have that name because those individual elements are three-dimensional and used to create the words and slogans you desire.

One of the reasons signs made of channel letters in Atlanta are so popular is the way they help a business stand out from the clutter. We will show you how using individual three-dimensional channel letters to spell out your business name and other messages creates an efficient, attention-getting sign.

Types of Channel Letters

The great thing about channel letters is their versatility. They can come in any shape and size, most fonts, any color, and many different materials, and they can be lit and illuminated in a variety of effective ways. While most commonly used as storefront channel letters, channel letter signs are also very effective as interior signage.

Karv Kitchen Channel Letter Installation by Blackfire Signs in Atlanta, GA

Benefits of Channel Letter Signs

Because they are three-dimensional and have so many creative options, channel letter signs are often the most striking and effective signage for many businesses. The individual elements are easy to maintain and repair instead of having to change or replace the entire sign. Illuminated channel signs will do their job 24/7 and 365 days a year if that is what is desired.

If you are visiting any major commercial area, you will notice channel letters near you in multiple shapes and designs. We are known in the Atlanta market for helping our clients choose the most effective illuminated channel letters as part of their overall signage plan.

As an experienced and leading channel letter manufacturer in Atlanta, our team at BlackFire Signs will help you to choose the most creative use of standard and LED channel letters to make your business stand out and maximize your brand.

Commercial signs in Atlanta that make the most of well-designed outdoor channel letters are essential to separating your business from the competition.

If you are looking to make your storefront stand out in the Atlanta market, give us a call or click at BlackFire Signs. We will help you evaluate how outdoor channel letters and interior channel letter signs will enhance your brand and impress your customers.

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