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Why Have Some of the Best Outdoor Signs in Atlanta, GA?

Getting your name out there, that’s what custom exterior signs are all about. As people walk and drive past your business, attractive custom outdoor signs will invite them to visit your establishment. Custom outdoor business signs put your brand at the forefront of customers’ minds, foster credibility, and build a relationship of trust.

You might have noticed that some successful local companies and brands have the best outdoor signs in Atlanta. Ever dreamed of having your own? Blackfire signs will help your business thrive in the industry and outshine your competitors with the best outdoor sign in Atlanta.

Having the best outdoor signs in Atlanta doesn’t just refer to eye-catching visuals. These also include well-strategized design and signage elements that communicate your message, specifically target your desired audience, and encourage certain actions such as purchase behaviors and brand preferences.

Are you ready to have some of the top outdoor signs in Atlanta? Choose us as your signage partner! Take ownership of your brand, business, and property with bold outdoor business signs.

What are the benefits of exterior signs in Atlanta?

Custom building signs in competitive markets like Atlanta and Decatur help businesses differentiate themselves from others. Bold and attractive signage makes a statement, gets noticed, and is remembered. If you work with a dependable signage company like us, you can get some of the most effective outdoor signs in Atlanta, with a high return on investment.

Give directions

Outdoor signs direct people to your establishment. Wayfinding and building signs act as navigation and location markers, while advertising signs build awareness of your brand and business.
Low-quality and poorly placed directional outdoor business signs will drive your highly valuable prospects and customers away. They might get confused and annoyed, driving them right to your competitors. This is one key reason you should work with a highly reputable company with proven expertise in producing and installing outdoor business signs.
Here at BlackFire Signs, we take every project seriously. Our goal is to help customers easily locate your establishment through attractive, easy-to-read, hard-to-miss, and weather-resistant outdoor business signs.

Convert leads

Consumers make purchase decisions based on impressions they get from your storefront. Noticeable and strategic building signs around the city, in your local area, and on your property increase your credibility.
As one key benefit, your target audience will view you as a reliable and reputable company. This directly affects their purchase behaviors since people often associate the quality of a company’s outdoor business signs with their products or services.
For example, a customer sees outdoor business signs owned by a competitor that looks more professional and enticing than yours. There’s a big chance that your target audience will go to them instead. To avoid this, BlackFire Signs will carefully and creatively produce designs that will captivate potential customers and bring them to your store, shop, or facility.

Claim your space

Brightly lit signs, vibrant colors, and interesting installations make a huge difference in how your business is perceived. Make sure people know, “we are here, and this is where you want to shop and make your purchase.
By having the best outdoor signs in Atlanta, GA, you can easily set your own landmark that people can use in their daily lives. This tactic will help your brand become a well-known and established name in the area. In other words, having long-term and durable outdoor signs in Atlanta raises brand awareness, brand retention, and brand loyalty.”

Speak to a design and sign expert at BlackFire Signs before choosing a sign.

Let BlackFire Signs help you ignite your market! Our experts bring years of experience helping businesses maximize the visibility of their outdoor business signs. We collaborate with you on the design, style, size, and installation type that will work best for your business’s outdoor signage needs. If you want to invest in some of the most unforgettable outdoor signs in Atlanta, work with BlackFire Signs!
Our design professionals work closely with you to understand your business, your branding, and what you want to achieve. Based on that, we will design and develop signs that convey the tone you want to and reinforce your brand in Atlanta.

Factors that should be considered when designing signs.

  • Type of sign : Filling up your outdoor space with every signage option available doesn’t necessarily lead to positive results. It is important to choose Decatur outdoor signs that benefit your business the most. : Are you located in a high-traffic area? Roadside signs like monument signs and pylon signs are great options. Do you operate during the night? Illuminated channel letters can give you the visibility you need.
  • Distance from view : Your signs need to be legible, even from a distance. An outdoor sign company can help determine the type of signs, the right size, and proper placement for maximum visibility.
  • Lighting options  : Adding lighting options is a great way to keep your sign visible day and night.
  • Installation and placement : To ensure safety and lessen maintenance needs, you need expert sign installation and placement. This is where working with an experienced sign maker will work to your advantage.
  • Background and text contrast and colors : Readability is crucial for signs to be effective. Make sure you choose colors that complement each other. The Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) has a guide on 18 color combinations that work.


  • Graphics : Adding graphics is a great way to make your signage more eye-catching. Choose designs that will reinforce and complement your brand instead of confusing your viewer.
  • Shape : The shape of your exterior signs should match your surroundings and cater to your message well. Vertical, horizontal, and square shapes are common. However, oval, circle, and geometric shapes are also gaining popularity.
  • Size : The size of your exterior sign depends on placement, location, and zoning permits. It is always best to assess your space when choosing the right size.
    For example, a larger sign would make your business stand out more in a crowded location. Also, check on different angles to ensure your sign isn’t obstructed by any outdoor structures around.
  • Font : Legibility is one of the most important elements of an effective sign. As such, it is important to choose font styles that can be easily read. Going for scripts and cursive fonts may make it challenging for readers to decipher your message.
Exterior Signs
Exterior Signs

What Atlanta Outdoor Signs Can You Use to Promote Your Business?

There is a wide variety of outdoor signage that you can use to promote your business. From portable A-frame boards to large building signs, we can produce and install any type of signs you need to grow your business. 

Where Can You Find the Best Outdoor Sign Company in Decatur and Atlanta, GA?

Blackfire Signs can be your go-to signage partner. We take pride in producing and installing some of the best outdoor signs in Atlanta, GA. We utilize high-tech equipment, modern tools, and premium materials on all our projects.

Are you ready to invest in the best outdoor signs in Atlanta? For any custom business signs in and near Atlanta, GA, we are here to help. Speak to an expert at BlackFire Signs now!