7 Reasons You Should Be Using Storefront Signs

Good Game Storefront Signage for Business in Atlanta, GA

Storefront signs are a vital part of marketing any brick-and-mortar business. Simply put, if you don’t have anything out front to advertise your business, how will customers even know you’re there?

BlackFire Signs have years of experience in designing and creating indoor and outdoor storefront signs. Our professional team is well-used to helping our customers get the perfect sign to bring attention to their business and increase footfall.

Here are our top seven reasons why storefront signs for businesses really work:

1) Pinpoint your location

As we said above, customers need to know that you’re there. More than that, they need to know where you are. Your store must stand out and be easily found, even by customers who aren’t local and don’t know the area. While the majority of your customers might be local, it’s equally possible that you get business from visitors to the area, and depending on your business, they may have traveled specifically to get to you. You don’t want to miss out on potential income simply because there’s no easily seen signage outside your store,

Not only that, but if you’ve ever looked up a location on Google Maps, you’ll know that you can often see a photograph of the building right on Google Maps. As well as making it easy to find you, that’s yet another way to add to your brand recognition and create a great impression, even for people who haven’t yet visited your store.

2) Brand recognition and awareness

Following on from the above point, having beautifully branded signage enhances your brand and builds brand awareness. The more people walk past your store and notice your signage, the more they’ll be familiar with your company and the more chance you have that they’ll choose you when buying.

Of course, your signage should be fully branded with the look of your website, social media, and other marketing to create a consistent look that’s instantly recognizable, no matter how your customers find you.

3) Stand out from the competition

With excellent signs outside your business, you can attract attention from passersby and ensure they know who you are and what you do. With better signage than the competition, you can find that even if your rivals are based next door to you, people will still choose you because of the way you present yourself.

4)  Get noticed

The right signage is a powerful way to get people to notice your business and entice them to look at your window displays and then walk in the door. You can even have information on the services you provide right on your outside sign to teach people about your business.

5) Make your best first impression

A smart, professionally designed sign tells customers that you care about your business and that you believe in quality. This can reflect your business values and show people what you stand for. With a professional impression before people even walk in the door, you’re starting off the right way to get and keep customers.

6) Your 24/7 advertising presence

Whether you’re open or closed, working hard, or resting with your feet up, your sign is out there all day, every day advertising your business and building your brand. It’s estimated that it takes around seven times of encountering a business before people decide to buy. If people are walking past a sign that creates the right impression several times a week, you’re more rapidly getting them familiar with your business and closer to making a buying decision.

7) Cost-effective

You buy your outdoor signage just once, and once it’s in place, it continues to work for your business all year round, building your brand and attracting customers. There are very few one-and-done ways of marketing your business, where you set it up and pay just once, and it keeps working. Many other ways of marketing cost a lot of money which has to be spent over and over again, but a quality sign will keep on promoting your business from the second it’s installed.

At BlackFire Signs, we can help you work through your storefront signs ideas and decide between types of storefront signs to choose the perfect one for you. Our design experts will work with you to come up with a sign that reflects your business and builds your brand. Then our long-experienced fabricators will create a high-quality sign that lasts for years.

Don’t waste time Googling storefront signs near you. Just get in touch with our professional team at BlackFire Signs and book your free consultation.

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