Bathroom Signs: Understanding the Symbolism and Cultural Insights

Bathroom Signs - Understanding the Symbolism and Cultural Insights

The usage of gendered restroom signs can be traced back to the 19th century. These practices were implemented to protect and segregate females who were yearning for greater engagement in the public. This eventually became a norm to the point wherein it was entrenched in national and local building laws. It was later on applied everywhere else in the world as well.

However, in recent times, there has been an increasing demand for inclusivity, which is why unisex bathroom signs are becoming more widely common as well. Despite that, a lot of individuals still don’t follow this due to privacy and safety concerns.

Women’s and Men’s Bathroom Sign

These signs feature the popular stick figures that help distinguish between males and females. Sometimes, entrepreneurs or sign-makers get a little creative when portraying said genders. The graphics might be different, however, the general rule is that it must still be easy for people to understand the differentiations.

All Gender Restroom Sign

These visual communication tools simply imply that said amenities could be used by anyone, regardless of their orientation or how they identify themselves. When customers see these in establishments, they will get a sense that the company cares about making each individual feel welcome. In the same way, when employees find these in their workplace, they will get a better sense of belongingness amongst co-workers. They will be more appreciative of your efforts and thoughtfulness in promoting a non-judgmental work environment.

However, businesses that have a smaller space or those with only one restroom available for customers to use have been using these signs long before they became popular and in demand in today’s society.

Men and Women Restroom Signs VS Gender Neutral Bathroom Signs: Which is Better?

Many establishments have started to incorporate all-gender restroom signage solutions. This includes universities, hotels, airports, malls, cafes, and restaurants. However, some facilities still stick to gender-segregated signage only. This doesn’t always mean that they reject or deny individuals who don’t identify themselves as strictly male or female. Sometimes, entrepreneurs simply don’t have additional restrooms that can be allocated for all genders.

They also respect that many of their customers feel the need for more privacy when nature calls. This is especially true for large restrooms with multiple cubicles that several people can use at the same time.

So to answer the question as to which one is better, it all boils down to your preference and available space. Whatever it may be, you can count on Blackfire Signs to help you every step of the way.

High-Quality Restroom Signs in Atlanta

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