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Custom Wall Murals for Interior Space of Restaurant by Blackfire Signs in Atlanta, GA

Corporations choose to present themselves in different ways. Some aim to create an impression of strength and stability, while others go for something more fun or whimsical. One appearance most companies would rather avoid is bland and boring. Using well-designed wall graphics in reception or waiting areas, boardrooms, and other key locations can turn an uninteresting lobby or room into an inviting, welcoming space for visitors and staff.

Effective feature wall creation consists of three things: Selecting the content, choosing the right materials, and employing appropriate design components.

Selecting the Content

Wall graphics, while often used to break up the monotony of a dull blank space, can also serve other vital functions. They can help to reinforce your company’s brand image in the mind of visitors.

Feature walls can help create the mood you want your clients and employees to experience. Playfulness, dependability, warmth, tranquility, and well-being are all impressions that using the right graphics and materials can create.

A custom wall mural can also be informative. Imagine somewhere visitors might have to wait for a few minutes, such as a reception area or meeting room. A custom wall mural with photos depicting the development of the local area, with accompanying text providing some information about your company, gives them something interesting to read while they wait.

Choosing the Right Materials

Custom wall graphics or vinyl decals featuring photographs, landscapes, text, and abstract designs might be one of the first things we think of when considering adding a feature wall. They can be used on their own with great effect, but in many cases, they can be enhanced with other forms of signage. For example, a textured mural giving the appearance of stone, brick, or timber might make a great backdrop to an aluminum dimensional sign or an acrylic one bearing the company logo in a reception area.

Employing Appropriate Design Components

Many design components go into making a great feature wall. The following are a few:

Colors: Certain professions and industries seem drawn to particular color schemes. Many legal firms favor maroon, powder blue, and gray. Simple black and white suggests a clinical atmosphere and is popular with doctors and dentists. Bold, bright, rainbow colors are often associated with child-focused enterprises. Of course, you don’t have to adopt these color schemes; they are just examples to show that color choice is vital in creating the desired impression.

Lighting: If you combine a wall mural with a dimensional sign or other 3D design, backlighting or halo lighting can create an impressive effect. The design of the feature wall and room lighting should be considered together.

Scale: Images and components must be the right size for the space. Too big will be overpowering; too small won’t look good, either.

A wall doesn’t need to be just something to hold your office ceiling up. With imagination, it can become a great promotional asset for your corporate office. It can create the right impression for visitors and employees. If you’d like to discuss how we can help create an outstanding feature wall for your corporate office space in Atlanta, GA, contact Blackfire Signs today.

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