An In-Depth Guide to Dimensional Lettering

Dimensional Letter Signs

BlackFire Signs in Atlanta uses dimensional letters to create depth and add character to its signs. This type of signage can provide business owners with a range of benefits. Find out how dimensional letters can enhance commercial branding and benefit any organization.

What Are Dimensional Letters?

By leaving some distance between the base and the character, the artist creates the appearance that the letters are floating. This 3D letter technique is known as dimensional lettering.

Features to Consider When Choosing 3D Letter Signs

With all types of signage, there are a lot of factors you have to consider during the design and manufacturing processes, such as:

• Materials: There are plenty of materials to choose from when it comes to signage, and where you plan to hang your sign can have a direct effect on what materials you should use. Outdoor business signs are more often made of plastic, acrylic, stell, or copper, while indoor signs can use foam or wood.

• Sign costs: The type of material you select, the complexity of the design, and the size of the sign can all affect the end cost of the product.

• Colors: Colors often evoke a specific feeling in the people viewing them. For example, a sign using cool colors can cause viewers to feel calm and relaxed, while a sign using warm colors can create a feeling of passion or power. Choose how you want customers to feel in your store.

• Extra features: You can opt for additional features like backlighting and specific surface textures that produce visually enhancing benefits.

• Additional lighting: Extra lighting is essential to draw attention to your business in darker locations.

Ultimately, you should aim for a balance between your budget, brand, and dimensional lettering for the final product to create the desired impact. It will only be valuable if the materials, size, and design sync. But you can expect several benefits from business signs when they do.

Some Benefits of Dimensional Lettering

Creating impressive branding with dimensional letters enhances the character of your business space. A sophisticated internal or external sign can also distinguish your brand from others. This signage type immediately uplifts any interior or exterior, helping your business stake its claim in the area.

Other benefits of 3D letter signs include creating a focal point, making it immediately noticeable to customers. Dimensional lettering is also a cost-effective method to augment your existing brand.

3D Letter Signs Are Just a Call Away

Place BlackFire Signs in Atlanta on speed dial for your new brand look with dimensional lettering. We’re just a call, email, or online form away, so request a quote for your dimensional letter signage now. BlackFire Signs can have your modern new branding up in no time.

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