Dazzling Lobby Design Ideas Sure to Please Your Guests

Custom Lobby Signs

Creating a unique look and feel for your business takes planning and effort. Lobby signs can help you educate, share your company business, and communicate helpful information to guests.

Custom Lobby Signs for Your Business

The minute your guests walk into your business you’re drawing them in, asking them to be a part of what you are doing. Whether it’s fighting for their rights in court, pouring over their finances, styling their hair, or relieving muscle tension with a relaxing massage, you want them to believe in your business as much as you do.

Lobby signs can help you connect with your guests right away by offering them the valuable information they are looking for.

Lobby signs can be:

• Wall murals

• Vinyl banners

• Channel letter signs

• Three-dimensional letter signs

• Neon signs

• Signboards

• Floor signs

5 Ways to Use Lobby Signs

Custom lobby signs can be used for as many things and as many ways as you can think of. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Wall Murals

This is a fun and creative way to draw your guest in and give them something to feast their eyes on. You can use them to colorfully display your coffee shop menu, or simply to add beauty to the room while they are waiting on your service.


These are great for displaying a promotion or new service. You could also use them to educate your guests with valuable information, like why the seaweed mask is so good for their skin.

Floor Signs

If the thought of a floor sign immediately seems boring, think again. There are hundreds of ways to make even something as boring as a directional sign stand out and dazzle guests.

Channel Letters

Channel letter signs can be as low profile or glammed out as you’d like them to be. A glitzy channel letter sign with your company name in the lobby is sure to draw customers in.

Vinyl Banners

A vinyl banner is a great way to announce an upcoming event, present sales, and educate customers about new products or services.

Why Use Custom Lobby Signs

Ordering a few custom lobby signs is sure to show off your brand’s unique voice and style. There may be other nail salons, attorneys, or massage parlors in your area, but there is only one you. When guests walk into your lobby, they need to know they are in the right place for them. Displaying your brand’s values, mission statement, core values, and unique vibe can help customers feel at home there.

Indoor Signage Company Near Me

At BlackFire Signs, we love watching our customers and fellow business owners go from success to success. If you are ready to have an indoor signage company that cares on your side for all of your custom lobby sign needs, reach out to us today. BlackFire Signs is a full-service sign company ready to assist you in getting your name out there.

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