Boost Your Brand Visibility with Custom LED Signs in Atlanta

custom LED signs Atlanta for Businesses

Are you looking to put your business in the spotlight? Give your brand visibility a boost with custom LED signs in Atlanta. These signs create a captivating display using energy-efficient LED systems. LEDs use less energy than traditional lights, shine brighter, and last longer to provide businesses with years of round-the-clock marketing.

If you’re ready to partner with a professional sign company and craft your custom sign, this guide will highlight the characteristics of different LED signs to get you started on your project.

Channel Letters
Channel letters are one of the most popular LED-lighted signs for businesses. These three-dimensional signs feature a hollow design to allow for internal lighting elements. The light from these signs is impossible to ignore and provides a bold addition to any building or storefront.

Channel letters can also be backlit, with LEDs lining the perimeter to create an illuminated halo around the edge of the sign. For maximum visibility, use both front-lit and back-lit elements to put the spotlight on your business.

LED Message Boards
Are you ready to harness the power of cutting-edge signage technology? With LED message boards, you can keep customers informed of your latest updates while expanding your business’s presence. These signs can be placed next to roads as pole signs or installed directly on buildings. They provide companies with the opportunity to captivate passersby with animation, graphics, and real-time updates that are visible 24 hours a day.

Lightbox Signs
The versatile applications of lightbox signs allow business owners to enhance visibility where they need it the most. Install a lightbox pole sign near roads to pique the interest of passing traffic or use an illuminated blade sign to direct foot traffic into your store. These signs include long-lasting LED systems to guarantee luminosity for years and their custom, three-dimensional shapes create a memorable impact on passersby.

Looking for “Custom LED Signs Near Me”?
At Blackfire Signs, we are experts at creating custom LED signs in Atlanta. Our local sign company provides businesses in the community with the tools they need to get noticed, attract customers, and grow their companies. If you’re ready to dive into our vast selection of LED signs, our team will help you find the right choice that will make your business shine.

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