Custom Business Signs: What Does It Take to Make a Great Custom Sign?

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Are you ready to take your business to the next level in Atlanta? Custom signs can solidify your brand identity while expanding your company’s reach. Before diving into a project, partnering with the right sign company that understands your goals is important. An effective custom sign requires an expert’s eye, quality materials, and a well-planned design.

If you’re searching for “custom signage near me,” this guide provides an overview of the necessary steps to make a compelling sign.

Align Your Goals with the Right Signage
The first step in designing an excellent custom sign is determining the purpose of your project. This will inform you of the type of sign you should choose and influence the final design.

Do you need to add visibility to your business location? In that case, looking at outdoor signage options would be a good starting point. What if you want to direct foot traffic into your establishment? Then, storefront signage displays like banners or hanging signs are ideal for your needs.

To get your sign project started on the right path, contact a Atlanta custom signs company to determine your goals before you begin the design process.

Keep Designs Focused
Once you have selected a type of sign and connected it to your goals, it’s time to begin designing. It can be tempting to include everything, such as your business name, logo, contact information, and operating hours, in one sign. However, signs are more impactful when they can quickly provide passersby with a strong snapshot of information. Otherwise, the sign will be too cluttered to communicate your message effectively. Keep the original purpose of your sign in mind and only include the essentials. You can always use additional signage products to keep visitors informed.

Reinforce Your Branding
Build a memorable image for your company by incorporating your current branding elements in your sign. Consistency and repetition are crucial to establishing a recognizable business identity for customers. Ensure your business’s core colors, fonts, and logo are central to the design of your sign to solidify your branding. Companies that are intentional with their marketing strategy gain trust quickly from new clients and lay the foundation for an enduring business partnership.

Remember the Design Foundations
In Atlanta, custom signs can instantly introduce your company to new business opportunities, but only if your sign is made correctly. That’s why working with a professional sign maker who understands design principles is essential. A professional can craft a sign that simultaneously captures your unique style and is a functional communication tool. Here are a few design foundations to remember:
• Choose sans-serif fonts for enhanced legibility.
• Ensure a high contrast between your background and font or logo color.
• Use the rule of thirds, a design guideline that identifies the most noticed areas, when placing elements.
A sign designer will also provide their expert opinion, but these concepts are helpful during the initial proposal stage.

Blackfire Signs is Your Source for Custom Signs in Atlanta
Are you searching for “custom sign makers near me”? Then, it’s time to team up with Blackfire Signs. We specialize in signs tailored to our clients’ needs to meet their unique vision.

From captivating outdoor signs to professional office signage, there’s no custom project too big or challenging for us to take on. Our designers are ready to work with you to create a custom sign that is both stunning and practical.

Get in touch with us to book your consultation.

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